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Meet our WASP Team

Meet our WASP Team, who work tirelessly to build resilience, confidence and self-esteem in people across the city.


Position: Wellbeing Lead Officer

Age: Old enough to know better, young enough not to care, experienced enough to do it right.


Interests: Reading, long walks with family and binge-watching a good series.

Best self-care activity: Long soak in a red hot bath while reading a good crime thriller.


Position: Wellbeing Support Worker

Age: 20


Interests: I love anything that’s pink but won’t eat anything green. I’d rather spend a Saturday in the house than having a night out. I’m a bit of a drama queen but I think it’s just my love for performing arts.

Best self-care activity: Retail therapy


Position: Wellbeing Support Worker

Age: 23


Interests: If you need me I’ll be watching cooking competition shows or have my nose in a good book. There’s a high chance you will hear my Spotify faves playlist before you see me.

Best self-care activity: Trying new recipes and going on walks with my sister.


Position: Support Worker

Age: A lady never reveals her age, let’s just say I’m ok enough to know a thing or two about life!

Contact Me:

Interests: Music festivals, gigs, curling up on the sofa watching Netflix with my cats and spending time with my family.

Best self-care activity: Lighting Scented candles, especially cotton scented ones. They are very relaxing.