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Our one-to-one Anger management sessions at Mind are delivered by a qualified Integrative Counsellor. Anger management is the process of learning through discussion about triggers and signs that can cause anger. The aim of the sessions is to help build strategies to effectively manage anger in situations and to deal with the anger in an appropriate manner. Anger is a normal healthy emotion it is the manner in how this is expressed that can become an issue, this is where the therapist would aim to work with the client to build manageable strategies on how to communicate frustrations before they reach a point of an anger surge.

Anger management sessions will aim to,

  • Identify triggers and situations that are likely to cause anger.
  • Express and communicate feelings in an assertive manner non aggressively.
  • Learn behavioural skills that can be used in times of anger.
  • Manage factors that can lead to anger.

The charge for this service is £10 per session and generally run up to approximately 6 sessions

For more information or to make a referral please contact us on 0191 565 7218 or  [email protected]